Metal Castings

iStock_000001100983SmallIndia is now #2!

India is now the second largest castings producer globally behind China.   India is well known for its earliest history of metal castings dating back over 5,000 years.  Today all castings processes are practiced in India including Green Sand; Chemically bonded Sand; Gravity die casting; High Pressure Die Casting; Investment Casting; Full Mold Casting; Lost Foam Casting; Centrifugal casting and more.  All metals and metal alloys are cast in India, including: Grey Iron; Ductile Iron; Steel;  Aluminum, Brass, Bronze; Copper Magnesium; Titanium; and in any alloy meeting all international standards.


Engineering is readily available including reverse engineering; metal solidification; 3 D Printing; tooling design; and more…



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