Metal Castings

Metal Castings

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The casting market is poised to grow long term at levels far exceeding global gdp.  Infrastructure build-up not only in the BRIC countries, but in the “Next-11”, as well as major infrastructure transformation in the developed world are key drivers.  The on-going urbanization and development of huge consumer markets, not to mention another billion inhabitants on earth over the next 20 years, are key drivers as well.  And, the tsunami changes in the world’s energy supply, distribution, and conservation are also drivers.      Castings are fundamental to all aspects of society and during the next 40 years will exceed global gdp by 2x to as much as 3x in growth.   Swartzlander has researched and presented numerous papers supporting the case for the castings boom, as well as discussions about the spectacular growth in the castings market in India and China.  Several of these are available through the American Foundry Society:

Golden Age of Castings, 2005 – 2050:

iStock_000007372845SmallThe Coming Boom in North American Casting Demand from Renewable Energy Applications

The Emerging Castings Tiger: India

An Overview Of The Chinese Metal Casting Market

Cast Strategies can help you position your company to better participate in the Castings Boom.

If you are a metal caster, now more than ever you need to aggressively map out the strategies you’ll need to create on-going value for your customer base.   Cast Strategies brings a disciplined, professional, and castings industry perspective to help you in developing and implementing strategies.  Via strategic alliances Cast Strategies can assist you in all aspects of evaluating specific casting market opportunities, conceptualize major foundry renovations and green field facilities, and even do all aspects of project implementation.

iStock_000014929144SmallIf you are an investor, let Cast Strategies help you understand the industry and the opportunities provided.  Cast Strategies can also facilitate M&A activities as well.

If you procure castings in large amounts, Cast Strategies can be of value as you map out global sourcing strategies.

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