CAST STRATEGIES addresses Indian Delegation at GIFA

Mike Swartzlander, Managing Director at Cast Strategies LLC of Dublin, OH USA presented, “So You Think You Can Export?” at the very well-attended Castings Buyer’s Meet organized by the Indian Institute of Foundrymen at GIFA.  Over 100 foundrymen and buyers attended the event held on June 30th.  Swartzlander first made the point that most foundries should not export, as usually export efforts are under-resourced and seen as opportunistic “extra” sales.  Instead, Indian foundries should concentrate on serving the increasingly demanding domestic market, which is experiencing double digit growth driven by significant OEM growth in India.   However, for the metal casters willing to commit the resources, export can offer significant opportunities.  Swartzlander gave several examples of how Indian metal casters might look at international markets differently, to establish long term sustainable and profitable business, for example, by taking on a US metal caster as an investment partner.

Cast Strategies LLC is a management consultancy focusing on growth strategies and implementation in the metal castings, specialty chemicals, and composite components sectors.  India market evaluation and entry is a specialty.  According to Cast Strategies LLC the metal casting production of India is projected to surpass that of the USA in 2011, making India second only to China in castings.

The Indian Institute of Foundrymen is the premier trade association for the metal castings industry in India.

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